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Hi to all of our loyal "Before His Throne" prayer blog followers!

So sorry I've been sporadic about updating the prayer blog. Having a one year old and a firstgrader (along with a full time job) has not been easy! And, I know with Debbi's CF and Melanie's newborn and husband who has been deployed, it's not been easy on them either.

We have been praying :) And, remember, the Lord does not forget you. If we've missed posting your requests or your praises, the Lord has remembered many times over.

Please note that we will not abandon this blog but for now, We will mostly be posting requests as we can on FaceBook.

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I just wanted to remind you also to rejoice in the Lord always - He Has Risen! Not only did Christ die for our sins but he LOVES us and cherishes us. We have a true friend in Jesus.

Love to you all,

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rebecca and Baby need your prayers


Please lift Rebecca and her baby up in prayer. Her next ultrasound is on Tuesday, Jan. 20th, at 10:30 am. Rebecca is still on strict bedrest. Please hop on over to her blog to encourage her and let her know you are praying.

Thank you.


My friend's name is Rebecca. She and her family really need your prayers now, prayer warriors! I got an email from her today about her ultrasound appointment from yesterday. I'm just going to copy and paste it here for you to read yourself. Please Please Please pray for this family and this little baby.

Well, thank you for your prayers. The appointment was good and bad. I was so emotionally spent last night that I didn't feel up to writing. Plus my husband and I had some decisions to make. The baby is there, growing well and with a good heartbeat. Praise God! Little head and hands (based on my symptoms, I think she's a girl). The good news is the baby is measuring exactly to date and her growth is not suffering because of the complications. But there is also a large blood clot over the cervix. He called it an organized blood clot and is unsure if it is an old clot that is organizing and will reabsorb or if it is the placenta separating from the uterus. At any rate, he doubled my progesterone and put me on bedrest. I was having cramping yesterday and as soon as I was off my feet it subsided. He was also concerned at the nausea and not eating enough, so he ordered anti-nausea meds and 2 cases of protein bars. He said the lack of nutrition would only complicate the pregnancy. (As soon as I eat, I am sick for the duration of the day.)

I had much to consider last night. Because lying down seems to help the sickness, I'm opting not to take extra medications with an already stressed out baby. I'll eat and allow the lying down to take care of the nausea. I'm already 2 months and based on history, only have about 6 weeks left of sickness. I did double up on the progesterone and will be more diligent in getting my vitamins down.

We were not going to share our news with anyone (even the girls) until after the 1st trimester, but changed our minds last night. First, we need the prayers. Secondly, we need to ask friends and family for help, and we can't really do that unless we tell them what's going on. It's hard to be put in that vulnerable place, where if something happens we have to let everyone in on our grief again, but we don't have much choice right now. It's a little unnerving because even though I know we lost the last baby because of a chromosomal issue, there was a separation in the placenta during that pregnancy and I was on bedrest because of it. It's just a bad reminder. Anyhow, that means you can add us to whatever prayer lists will take us. :)

I have help coming today, tomorrow and Friday and am going to ask friends to help out with dinners. I can't cook because of the nausea and the being off my feet part, and my husband is limited since he comes home at 6 and the girls are getting ready for bed by 7. Plus, he still has a 1 lb weight limit for lifting from his broken wrists. So there are 2 of us and neither of us can do anything. :) It's very humbling to be in a position of needing help again.

I am striving to trust God, not just to do what I want, but to take care of us and trust that He has our best interests at heart. I want to stay close to Him during this time, it's just hard to even tell him what I really want for fear of being disappointed. There are lessons here, I am sure of it, just trying to make sure I'm open to learning them.

Please know that Rebecca and her husband have been through a lot in their lives (especially in 2008). They have two young daughters on this earth and one son in heaven (she lost him at 12 weeks in 2008). They need our prayers. Please let me know if you live in Southern California and would be able to provide assistance to this family.

Thank you and love,


One of my friends is pregnant and has her 8 week ultrasound on Tuesday (Jan. 6th). Please pray for peace and comfort for her and her husband as they wait. They have 2 children on this earth and one in heaven (that they lost in 2008). They are nervous about this pregnancy.

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