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Hi to all of our loyal "Before His Throne" prayer blog followers!

So sorry I've been sporadic about updating the prayer blog. Having a one year old and a firstgrader (along with a full time job) has not been easy! And, I know with Debbi's CF and Melanie's newborn and husband who has been deployed, it's not been easy on them either.

We have been praying :) And, remember, the Lord does not forget you. If we've missed posting your requests or your praises, the Lord has remembered many times over.

Please note that we will not abandon this blog but for now, We will mostly be posting requests as we can on FaceBook.

If you are not on FaceBook, don't worry. As I said, we will not stop posting here, but I did want to let you know where you can find us on FB.

We are on the Page: In Prayer; Before His Throne or you can click on the link below:


I just wanted to remind you also to rejoice in the Lord always - He Has Risen! Not only did Christ die for our sins but he LOVES us and cherishes us. We have a true friend in Jesus.

Love to you all,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Urgent Prayer Requests

I've been praying for these families for a week or so but have just now gotten a free moment to post on here. Please pray when you have a chance. Thank you!

Please pray for peace and comfort for 2 year old Layla Grace. She is at home with her family and hospice. She has had Neuroblastoma for 10 months. Please also pray for strength and peace for her mommy, daddy and family.

Name Unknown (rec'd email from a coworker today): Please ask the group to pray for my assistant's daughter-in-law. She is pregnant, due in April, but she has developed some problems and they are planning to deliver the baby tomorrow. They think the baby is close to 4 pounds. Please pray that everything goes well and the baby is OK. They lost one at about 24 weeks a couple years ago.

Anne Bullock Baize's newborn son Daniel died suddenly at 16 days old on February 9th. Please keep this mommy and her family in your prayers.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

9 Requests and 2 Praises!

Hi Prayer Friends,
I'm so sorry I've been unable to post lately - I've had a list going for a few weeks and each day it seems the Lord lays a new request or praise upon my heart. Unfortunately my life lately has not allowed me much computer time to update here, but luckily, the Lord knows each request by heart and has been protecting all of those in need along the way. Thank you all who continue to pray for others. It is such a blessing to know that there are "strangers" out there who care for each of us and can "carry some of our burdens" when we need help the most.
Each of these requests/praises deserve their own posts, but I just do not have the time. Again, the Lord does and will make sure each is protected and loved on. Thank you for lifting the below up in prayer as your time allows you.
Hugs and prayers,

Prayer Requests
1. Pamela - 26 weeks pregnant with her first Baby Girl - possible hypertension
2. Allison - pregnant with miracle IVF twins - she also has rheumatoid arthritis - please pray for these babies and their momma
3. Matthew - is 5 years old - his parents got divorced only about 4 months ago and both have already gotten remarried - he is very confused
4. Melanie - 24 weeks pregnant with her second Baby (Elanie) (lost Nehemiah in 2008 to early miscarriage) and her growth is showing 2 weeks behind - doctors just changed the due date to June 5 instead of May 24 - also she has partial placenta previa and is on home bed rest - Ralph, Melanie's husband, also just got orders to deploy to Afghanistan in about 1 week! The deployment could last up to 1 year! Melanie will move back to TX to be near family while he is away. Melanie is beside herself with worry. Please pray for this entire family.
5. Debbi's dad - had prostate surgery and then complications
6. Debbi's health - currently she is on IVs due to an infection - she has CF
7. Cyndi - had gall bladder surgery last week
8. PaPa (my grandpa) - has prostate surgery this week - he also has Parkinson's and lives in a home (he also has some dementia)
9. Rachel's grandpa - has been taken to the Hospice Center so that they could find the right medicine to manage his symptoms. He's not resting well due to discomfort and anxiety. Please pray for peace for him (and her grandmother who's not resting well either).

1. Daniel - is cancer free!
2. Phillips Phamily Mama is pregnant with Baby C!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My dad

Please pray for my dad, Bob Utter. He had prostrate surgery yesterday and they've kept him at the hospital longer because he became very disoriented. They thot it was due to low sodium and he was getting somewhat better today, then tonight took a turn for the worse. He doesn't know where he is or what year it is, he's trying to get out of bed to go to bed! Last I heard my mom was waiting for the dr. to check on things and talk to her. She and my husband don't want me going in. I was in to visit earlier, but since I'm on IV's and the hospital is such a germy place, they are limiting my going there. I'm feeling very frustrated about that. We moved here to be nearby for times like this and everyone is tip-toeing around my health now, but I want to be there.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers for my parents.