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Hi to all of our loyal "Before His Throne" prayer blog followers!

So sorry I've been sporadic about updating the prayer blog. Having a one year old and a firstgrader (along with a full time job) has not been easy! And, I know with Debbi's CF and Melanie's newborn and husband who has been deployed, it's not been easy on them either.

We have been praying :) And, remember, the Lord does not forget you. If we've missed posting your requests or your praises, the Lord has remembered many times over.

Please note that we will not abandon this blog but for now, We will mostly be posting requests as we can on FaceBook.

If you are not on FaceBook, don't worry. As I said, we will not stop posting here, but I did want to let you know where you can find us on FB.

We are on the Page: In Prayer; Before His Throne or you can click on the link below:


I just wanted to remind you also to rejoice in the Lord always - He Has Risen! Not only did Christ die for our sins but he LOVES us and cherishes us. We have a true friend in Jesus.

Love to you all,

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Please visit Zachary's CaringBridge site:

Original Post (6/10/09):
Please pray for young Zachary. He is 13 years old and has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 B-Cell Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The cancer is currently in his liver and diaphragm and bone marrow. He is a Covenant Children’s Hospital in Pedi ICU. He will stay there until he is stable and he started chemo on June 8. He will have 3-4 weeks in the hospital of chemo and then when he gets out he will have 6 months of chemo.

Please also pray for Zachary’s step-mom (Gretchen), dad (Allan) and the rest of the family as they watch their Zachary go through this storm.

I received this prayer request from Ryon & Rachel. Gretchen and Allan work at Rachel’s company.

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