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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Urgent prayers needed for Alan Henley

I have requested prayer several times before for Alan Henley who was paralyzed last summer. He and his wife are friends of Megan.

They are facing so much, my heart hurts for them. They have been fighting with their insurance, BCBS, for the care that Alan desperately needs. BCBS refuses most care, it seems, and now they have finally approved his getting some care the dr. says he must have on the provision that they will only cover it for 7 days, then a consult and possibly 7 days after that, then they won't pay for anything at all. No outpatient is covered, no machines. People, he needs a lot of machines, a lot of outpatient therapy and a lot of medical help.

They do not have income. They have mounting medical bills and he is being denied the care that he desperately needs. His physical and emotional state is quite bad. He is angry, hurt, depressed.

And this is taking a toll on his wife, Jen. (They have two young children, also.) She is worried about her husband, she's worried about losing their home. She has to turn Alan every 2 hours at night. This is a lot for her.

Please check their site and follow it regulary and PRAY FOR THEM REGULARLY!!!


  1. Thanks so much for this prayer request!!! Jenn is actually in great spirits about the upcoming hospital stay (hopefully it will make a big difference in their day to day lives). He will receive some intense therapy and teaching about how to live with this disability. Jenn is hoping that it will help give them their life back somewhat!

    Huge praise is that a very kind man (fellow aviation dude) has BOUGHT them the $40,000 bed that will turn Alan at night so that Jenn can sleep! It will be such a blessing when that thing arrives....she just wishes it came in a Queen size so she could sleep by his side.

    Thanks for the prayers....I know she appreciates them!!!

  2. I am in awe following this story. I love getting the updates daily on this wonderful story of faith. I just know God is using this family to show all of us what a wonderful example of faith they are.
    There are hard days for me and I always think how brave Alan and Jenn are in such uncertain times.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Jenn has had a hard day with some not great news with the insurance company. I know she needs some serious prayers tonight.


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